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Buyer’s Info

Buying your home is one of the most important lifestyle and investment decisions you will have to make. Of course you will want to purchase the best home at the best price possible. You will want your monthly mortgage payments to be as affordable as possible and you will want your home’s value to increase as much as possible.

These are important issues and to make sure your wants and desires are met, it is very important to look to the future. You will need a Realtor who can help you understand market conditions, house price trends, mortgage rate movements, new home construction, and more because all of these things will have an impact on your purchase now. A knowledgabel Realtor can help you with these things and in this case, knowledge is power as the more you know, the more control you will have and the better prepared you will be to make the decision that is right for you and your family.

Because owning a home is a life-long dream or goal for many Canadians, it is a good idea to have a plan in place when you set out to obtain that dream/goal. Determine what you and/or your families needs are. Your Realtor will be very valuable here as well because of the insight he has into the buying process, he will be able to help you see things you may not have considered. Below are the 8 Steps Ahead, the homebuying experience, step-by-step, from CMHS-SCHL. Feel free to call on me with any questions you may have, that’s what I am here for.

The 8 Steps Ahead:

  1. Determining Your Housing Requirements
    CMHC provides helpful information and practical worksheets to assist you in determining your precise requirements in a home and for choosing your desired location.
  2. Understanding Your Local Housing Market
    Everything that happens in the housing market can have an impact on your home purchase. We help you track trends in mortgage rates, local housing prices and other key indicators to assist you in determining the best time to buy.
  3. Calculate Your Costs
    Can you afford the type of home you have chosen? CMHC has practical work sheets and tools to help you calculate how much you can afford to spend.
  4. Choosing Your Team
    There are a lot of people involved when you buy a home. Here’s a guide to who they are and what they do. We provide work sheets to help you choose the right people to meet your home buying needs.
  5. Arranging Your Mortgage
    How do you get the best mortgage for you and at the best rates? Learn more about the range of mortgage options before you make your final decision.
  6. CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance
    Don’t let a down payment come between you and your home. Find out how you could qualify to buy your home with as little as 5% down with help from CMHC.
  7. Preparing an Offer
    Before making your final offer, find out what to include in your Offer to Purchase and what to expect once an offer has been made.
  8. Closing the Deal and Moving
    There are many small steps when it’s time to close the deal. Here’s information to help make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Also, tips to make moving day a smooth experience.
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